My kids and I love a good book. It’s one of our favourite things to do together! So naturally I was

thrilled when I was asked to take photographs for Magic Cat Publishing’s social media.

Magic Cat Publishing are keen to create beautiful children’s books to engage little minds, including

ideas about kindness, friendship and inclusivity. They also advocate togetherness, believing that

magic happens when families spend time together around a book and engage in thoughts and

conversation. If you aren’t familiar with Magic Cat Publishing, check them out here!

I really enjoy this style of photography, a mixture of lifestyle and documentary which is more

realistic as opposed to styled. The images you can see are mostly of my boys reading, both

individually and together. They certainly didn’t need much encouragement to get stuck into these

gorgeous books! The majority of my photographs for Magic Cat Publishing are natural, with a few

styled thrown in there for good measure. I absolutely loved this shoot and can’t wait to work with

them again.