Play Makes Sense

I was speaking to a friend recently whose child starts school this year, and they asked me if I knew of any fun ways to help their son to learn and feel more prepared for September. I immediately recommended Play Makes Sense. Their activity packs are full of fun ideas and set ups to help introduce children to phonics. The activities are so easy to set up and the kids just love them. They even helped me learn a few things! My eldest, Ollie, is a big fan – he is so confident now with his phonics and is more willing to try after using the Play Makes Sense cards. His reading and writing have also massively improved. Not only are they great for advancing learning but these cards make sure the kids (and us) are having fun doing it! Ollie likes to pick a card from the pack without looking (so it’s a surprise) and then enjoys helping me set the activity up!

If you are new to Play Makes Sense, it is a wonderful small business launched by two former Early Years teachers, Alice and Abbie. They are passionate about using sensory play as a learning tool and I can see why! I first became aware of them after a mutual friend recommended Play Makes Sense and, a bit later, I had the privilege of taking photographs of their beautiful cards! If you are looking to get prepared for September, they are offering a Starting School Bundle at the moment which includes everything you’ll need. They are also on Instagram if you would like to send them a message. Go check them out!